The telematics solution for your fleet management

SCHWING Telematics is the new solution for managing your data and infrastructure. Together with our reliable machines, it centralises equipment, people and processes to effectively eliminate construction downtime and increase fleet availability.
Based on robust hardware, state-of-the-art software and fuelled by a passion for connecting the construction industry, we are pleased to introduce SCHWING Telematics.

Trackunit® + SCHWING

Minimise downtime – increase efficiency

With Telematics for truck-mounted concrete pumps, SCHWING is partnering with Trackunit® to offer an integrated platform for networking your vehicles and machines in the construction industry. SCHWING is thus relying on a solution from the successful tech company with Danish roots that is both proven and innovative.
New truck-mounted concrete pumps can be ordered ex works as an option. The SCHWING Telematics solution is available as a retrofit for all truck-mounted concrete pumps equipped with the VECTOR control system (I or II) from 2004 onwards.
The advantages are the seamless integration and connection to the CAN bus system of the proven VECTOR control system from SCHWING as well as the basic support of a mixed fleet, in which existing products from other manufacturers can also be integrated using the innovative IoT solution.
Trackunit® + SCHWING, that means an innovative and sustainable partnership for the benefit of our customers!

Benefits and savings

Benefits: A web-based solution with customisable dashboards helps you get to know the inner workings of your machines - access the data visualisations and analytics that matter most to you - and get the most out of your machines.

Customised data profiles

With many detailed parameters of your truck-mounted concrete pump, including oil temperature, speed, fuel consumption or concrete feed quantity and pressure, SCHWING Telematics offers the entire range of key figures for your daily evaluation; in real time, on demand and summarised and prepared in data profiles that are as appealing as they are informative. This allows you to track and diagnose your machine or plan preventive maintenance and thus optimise availability.

Open data interface

Do you need the telematics data of your SCHWING truck-mounted concrete pump in your existing software system? No problem! With the optionally available API interface, the transfer of even large amounts of data is guaranteed at all times.

The Trackunit® Manager

Everything at a glance

With the next-generation Trackunit Manager, you always have an overview of all machine data – regardless of which end device you use to control your fleet. Depending on the configuration of the authorisations, the intuitive user interface not only shows you information on fleet data, locations and machines, you can also easily create and send or download various reports on activities, capacity utilisation or incidents.

Trackunit® Go

Mobile usage

With this level of security, you always know where your machines are and what they are doing. Trackunit Go also gives you detailed insights on the move: fleet status, efficiency and safety – and even customised values or machine data, especially for service.

Connect your fleet

IoT - Internet of things

All important machine data from a SCHWING truck-mounted concrete pump is collected and processed by the VECTOR control system and transmitted to the tried-and-tested Trackunit Raw.

More than 2 million devices installed

More than two million Trackunit devices are already in use worldwide, providing valuable data to the global construction industry. And with Trackunit RAW, you get a robust and versatile telematics device that offers secure and reliable connectivity.

The system

All in one place

The Trackunit RAW, which is installed in the vehicle in a central location and protected against theft and sabotage, transmits its collected data at short intervals to Trackunit IRIS, a central and expandable platform on which all data is collated and processed - securely hosted on servers in Europe in compliance with data protection regulations.
Other services from the Trackunit ecosystem include the Trackunit Go app for mobile management and Trackunit On for securely unlocking the machine with defined access control.
With Trackunit Manager, you always know where to find your machines. On site, off site, anywhere, anytime, extract reports and get administrative access control to manage all users centrally.

SCHWING Telematics

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