Quality and company policy

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction underlies the success of our company and is the prime objective of our actions. For our part, we can only be satisfied when our products and services meet our customers’ requirements. We cultivate close relationships with our customers and develop new products and services on the basis of their requirements and expectations. To this end the needs of all other interested parties are taken into consideration appropriately. In order to guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction, the processes within our company have been designed to be customer-oriented. They are constantly checked for their customer-orientation and changed if required.


The aim of the quality of our products and services is to ensure the long-term satisfaction of our customers. Reliability and a user-friendly approach from the viewpoint of the customer are particularly important to us. The minimising of complaints costs and the tracking of customer complaints are important tasks for all departments involved in the process and also influence product development and production processes, as do the ongoing exchanges with users and customers.

Management take their quality management responsibilities seriously. They provide the necessary resources to achieve the quality objectives set, instigate quality assurance measures and ensure an open communications culture. With our suppliers we cultivate relationships based on partnership for our mutual benefit and together we develop solutions of the highest quality and maximum performance.

The specification of the quality objectives is based on the quality policy and general corporate guidelines. Current quality objectives are determined by the company management in consultation with business and departmental managers during regular scheduled meetings and we also convene unscheduled meetings whenever current issues or problems need to be addressed. Management appoints the implementation officers and instigates and/or approves the necessary corrective measures.

An important tool for achieving the objectives is our Quality management system (QM system) which is used for the updating, maintenance and optimisation of documented processes in accordance with the defined objectives. In this regard the QM system not only takes over the documentation of the specified processes and procedures, but functions also as a tool for the further development of the processes and to inform our employees. Every employee is to be sufficiently informed via the QM system and is at the same time required, within their specific remit, to collaborate in achieving the defined objectives.


Our employees are the most important resources of our company. They deploy their knowledge, technical expertise, interpersonal skills and experience in their workplace with high levels of effectiveness and efficiency, in this way contributing personally to achieving the quality objectives and therefore to the satisfaction of our customers. We are continuously training young people and through our diverse teams consisting of both and experienced employees, we ensure high levels of professional expertise and ongoing innovation. The general code of conduct of the SCHWING Group as well as other guidelines that can be derived from this also strengthen the employees' awareness of compliance with law and regulations in the performance of their duties. The respective managers perform a special role model function for their employees. Integrity towards competitors and business partners as well as the esteem of all employees, irrespective of nationality, age, physical impairment, sexual orientation, gender or religion is a sign of tolerance and a cosmopolitan outlook and is for us indispensable and self-evident.

Occupational safety and health protection

It is particularly important to us to protect our employees from illnesses and accidents. Therefore, health promotion and workplace health and safety are anchored into our corporate processes. We carry out risk assessments for all relevant workplaces and we develop preventive measures which encompass the commercial, legal and social framework conditions to ensure operational safety. Every individual employee is also urged to be committed to their own health and accident prevention. Procedures to adopt in the event of emergencies or malfunctions are regulated by a risk and emergency management policy.

Environmental Management

We strive for the sustainable use of the natural resources available to us such as energy, water, earth and air. Any environmental impacts arising from our company are avoided or reduced to a minimum through safety precautions and the personal dedication of all our employees. In order to reduce any environmental impacts from energy generation and to strengthen our competitiveness, we are continuously increasing the energy efficiency of our company. To this end we use energy-efficient plants and machines and give our employees tips and advice on how to reduce energy consumption. In this way we are making an important contribution to sustainable corporate management and supporting the long-term security of our site.