Front outriggers


With the H-outriggers, the outriggers move left and right at a 90 ° angle to the machine. The two outrigger boxes which house the outrigger beams lie next to each other. Like all other SCHWING outriggers, the H-outriggers are only single-telescoped.

SCHWING-Stetter machines with H-outriggers at the front:
Truck-mounted concrete pump S 20, truck-mixer pump FBP 21, FBP 24 and FBP 26


X-outriggers are used by SCHWING in the class S 24 X to S 36 X. Here, the two outrigger boxes with the beams lie one on the other in an X-shape. For smaller machines with single-telescopic support only a straight extension beam moves out of the box. For larger machines with larger spans, the X-support has to be telescoped 2 to 3 times in order to achieve the required outreach while optimally utilizing the limited space available. SCHWING uses only 1-fold telescopic supports for its truck-mounted concrete pumps, as they have less play and higher rigidity.

SCHWING truck-mounted concrete pumps with X-outriggers at the front:
S 24 X, S 28 X, S 31 XT, S 36 X


The SX outriggers developed and patented by SCHWING are curved and can thus occupy a significantly longer space in the machine than a classic X-outrigger. Even larger outrigger spreads can be realized with a single extension beam. Multiple telescoping outriggers necessarily have a certain amount of play between the individual outrigger segments in order to enable the extension movements in the first place. The single extension beam of the SCHWING SX-outriggers is significantly warp-resistant and more robust in comparison. This ensures steadiness when pumping and less boom “bounce”. Another advantage: the center of the frame is not blocked by outriggers and remains free. As a result, the efficient long-stroke pump kit P2525 can also be installed in smaller truck-mounted concrete pumps from SCHWING. The SX-outriggers allows intermediate positions (see also EASyflex).

SCHWING truck-mounted concrete pumps with SX-outriggers at the front:
S 38 SX, S 43 SX III, S 47 SX, S 51 SX, S 58 SX, S 61 SX


With the SXF-outriggers developed and patented by SCHWING, the advantages of the curved SX outriggers can also be used for machines with significantly more than 60 meters reach. Instead of the usual multi-telescopic outriggers in this machine class, a one-piece push-out beam is used as with the SX outriggers, which is additionally combined with a hinged element. This results in comparison to multi-telescopic outriggers in a higher stability and more steadiness when pumping.

SCHWING truck-mounted concrete pumps with SXF-outriggers at the front:
S 56 SXF, S 65 SXF