DynaRig - the simple, flexible and safe support

Secure support to save space

With the new DynaRig support system (Dynamic OutRigger System), SCHWING shows how maximum stability
combined with optimum reach within the physical limits of the system really works: simplicity, flexibility,
plannability and safety are the attributes that take concrete pumping to a whole new level.
Suitable for: S 43 SX, S 47 SX, S 51 SX and S 56 SX

DynaRig from SCHWING – made in Germany.

As simple and secure as possible

Experienced truck-mounted concrete pump operators are familiar with this: confined spaces on construction sites often make
it impossible to fully extend the supports. Obstacles or narrow road conditions are part of the daily picture that presents itself
to the machine operator during set-up. The challenge: The truck-mounted concrete pump, booked by the customer in its
respective size category, must be positioned as ideally as possible, which is where the flexible DynaRig system comes into
With its intelligent control system, DynaRig checks within the physical system limits what maximum reach is possible for a
given extension situation of the stabilisers.


Everything at a glance

The new DynaRig screen displays all important functions at a glance. This makes it easy and intuitive to recognise the maximum range of the mast in each section. It also conveniently shows how the mast should ideally be driven in borderline situations.
Thanks to the more consistent user guidance, DynaRig can be operated quickly and easily both directly on the truck-mounted concrete pump via the tried-and-tested VECTOR II control unit and via the new SC 50 radio remote control with a colourful, modern user interface. 

Minimum space − maximum flexibility

5 pumps in one

DynaRig offers complete flexibility in shoring, especially in confined spaces on construction sites. Each of the four stabilisers can be extended as far as required. The new DynaRig system then automatically determines the maximum available horizontal reach of the boom.
A SCHWING S 51 SX truck-mounted concrete pump has a nominal horizontal reach of 45 metres.
With DynaRig, the pump can also be used in the maximum lengths of 42, 39, 36 and 33 metres - while at the same time reducing the required support area.