Rear outriggers

Vertical jacks

For smaller truck-mounted concrete pumps and truck-mixer pumps from SCHIWNG-Stetter, it is sufficient if the rear outriggers are only lowered vertically, without the need to be extended horizontally. The outriggers remains at the rear within the vehicle width. This reduces the space requirement and the machine can be set-up in places that are not accessible to other concrete pumps.

SCHWING-Stetter machines with vertical jacks at the rear:
Truck-mounted concrete pump S 20 and truck-mixer pumps FBP 21, FBP 24, FBP 25, FBP 26 and FBP 28


With the H-outriggers, the outrigger extends left and right at a 90 ° angle to the machine. The two outrigger boxes which house the outrigger beams lie next to each other. Like all other SCHWING outriggers, the H-outriggers telescope only once. Compared to a folding outrigger, the H-outrigger offers two major advantages: The lateral extension of the outriggers results in an extremely small footprint. This allows concrete pumps with H-outriggers to work in locations where other concrete pumps cannot be set-up. In addition, there is plenty of storage space for accessories and hoses on both sides thanks to the rear H configuration.

SCHWING truck-mounted concrete pumps with H-outriggers at the rear:
S 24 X, S 28 X, S 31 XT, S 36 X, S 39 SX

Swing-out outriggers

Swing-out outriggers are used on truck-mounted concrete pumps where, due to their size, H-outriggers can no longer be structurally implemented. For reasons of weight, the articulation points of the folding elements are positioned as close as possible to the turret. The outrigger swing out using hydraulic cylinders.

SCHWING truck-mounted concrete pumps with swing-out outriggers at the rear:
S 38 SX, S 43 SX III, S 47 SX, S 51 SX, S 56 SXF, S 58 SX, S 61 SX, S 65 SXF