Outrigger systems EASy and EASyflex

Construction sites are often crowded. A complete support of the truck-mounted concrete pump is therefore not always possible. If required, SCHWING truck-mounted concrete pumps can be easily and safely supported on one side with the optional EASy outrigger system. Sensors detect the correct position of the outriggers and release the permissible working area. Moving the boom into critical areas (risk of tipping) is reliably avoided electronically. The available workspace depends on the respective machine type.

Working range and support widths of an S 43 SX III supported with "EASy" outrigger system

In addition to the "EASy" outrigger system, the EASyflex outrigger system offers additional outrigger combinations and thus even more flexibility on the construction site. As a result, the truck-mounted concrete pump can be set up easily and safely even in difficult space conditions. Demanding pump tasks are thus mastered with maximum safety. The available working area and the available outrigger combinations depend on the respective machine type.

Outrigger combinations of an S 43 SX III with working areas and support widths