Separate Placing Boom SPB 32

Outstanding reliability and security

Most of the time you can see them from afar. Above the roofs of the city, they ensure safe and flexible concrete paving. Because if the range of truck-mounted concrete pumps is no longer sufficient, the separate placing booms are used. Whether on large-scale construction sites or in very high structures: With their safety and flexibility, SCHWING concrete placing booms support the timely and safe completion of numerous important construction projects, some of which have been record-breaking.

Horizontal reach 31.95 m
Free standing height max. 22 m
Component weight max. 3,950 kg


SCHWING Stetter Baumaschinen GmbH
Heizwerkstraße 6
1230 Vienna / Austria

Fon +43 1 6167313
Fax +43 1 6167066

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Location: 1230 Vienna / Austria

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