Long journey: S 36 X and S 38 SX truck-mounted concrete pumps reach Australia

SCHWING's truck-mounted concrete pumps are in high demand among pump operators in Australia for their performance, economy and reliability. At regular intervals, units built according to the Australian Design Rules (ADR) leave the main plant in Herne / Germany and make their way to Down Under. The 7 – 8 week journey is made on a roll on / roll ship from one of the European North Sea ports to Port Kembla on the Australian east coast in the state of New South Wales. Since the truck-mounted concrete pumps are not yet approved for Australian road access when they arrive in Australia, they travel from the port by low-loader to the headquarters of SCHWING Australia in Green Point, about 200 km away. Several S 36 X and S 38 SX truck-mounted concrete pumps have completed this long journey recently. SCHWING Australia then carry out the remaining work required to comply with the Australia Design Rules (ADR) and, therefore, gain approval for Australian road registration. Subsequently, the transfer to the customer and the intensive training of the operators takes place. As in Europe, America or other regions, customers on the fifth continent place high demands on their truck-mounted concrete pumps. In addition, the enormous distances between the places of work, the water shortage and the strict regulations regarding the safety at work are also reflected in the specifications of the machines. For example, the large 610 liter water tank and the high-pressure cleaner are ordered for water-saving cleaning after completion of the concrete pumping work. Not infrequently, there is no possibility during the working day to refill the water tank. A great advantage here is the ROCK concrete valve from SCHWING, which can be cleaned with significantly less water than other concrete valves. As a result, the operators in Australia are able to carry out two to three operations per day with their SCHWING truck-mounted concrete pump without having to refill with water. The chamber slide accessory has become standard equipment of the SCHWING truck-mounted concrete pumps for Australia, which allows the complete existing concrete in the delivery line to be placed in the job during cleaning. With the chamber slide the cleaning ball pushes the concrete through the pipeline with the help of compressed air and water, not retracted from the end hose back to the hopper. The S 38 SX was successfully introduced to the Australian market in the fourth quarter of 2018 and is enjoying increasing popularity among pump suppliers and operators.