Code of Conduct

of SCHWING Group

The Code of Conduct comprises the main principles of conduct that reflect the corporate identity of the SCHWING Group as well as the core values shared by the employees and members of the SCHWING Group management, by all business units in all areas of the Group's activities worldwide, which provide guidance on conduct towards its business partners and clients. The listed principles of conduct are of identical priority.

I. Compliance with laws

For the SCHWING Group, compliance with all applicable laws and regulations is vitally important for ensuring the long-term success of the Group both domestically and internationally. This is equally important for the cooperation with our business partners. We shall not tolerate any breaches of the applicable laws and regulations as well as the Code of Conduct of the SCHWING Group, and will take reasonable measures and, if necessary, punitive action to prevent them under the existing contracts and in accordance with the labour law.

II. Social conduct and business ethics

The appreciation, consideration and respect of the Group's employees, business partners and third parties is of paramount importance for us and a sign of our tolerant and open-minded corporate culture. The SCHWING Group also ensures that employees do not end up in situations in which their personal and/or financial interests conflict with those of the Group or its business partners. At the same time, the SCHWING Group expects loyalty from its employees.

The SCHWING Group rejects any form of discrimination, whether due to nationality, ethnicity, age, physical disability, sexual orientation, gender, religion or any other reason whatsoever. We are committed to observing and protecting human rights and reject any form of illegal employment (especially forced, child and illegal labour).

We also adhere to the above principles in selecting our business partners.

III. Integrity towards competitors, business partners and third parties

The SCHWING Group ensures that the members of the management and their employees always act with integrity vis-à-vis their competitors, businesspartners and third parties and do not influence the decisions of customers and business partners in an unfair, anti-competitive and/or punishable fashion.

We therefore value the fact that there is no place for corruption in our company. Bribery and corruption are strictly rejected by us. In particular, we do not grant any legally inadmissible donations to public officials worldwide, either directly or indirectly through third parties. Our invitations or gifts in business dealings are permitted only to the extent that they are appropriate and socially acceptable.

We accept the competitive challenge and win over by the quality and safety of our products and services. Our actions as a company inspire confidence since we know the market environment and customer requirements and take responsibility for our products and services. We do not tolerate price fixing, market sharing, anti-competitive boycotts or other unfair competitive practices.

The SCHWING Group makes a social contribution through continuous donations and sponsoring granted in consultation with senior management.

IV. Prevention of money laundering

The SCHWING Group fulfils its obligation to prevent money laundering. In selecting our business partners, we ensure that they operate in a sound and legally compliant manner to prevent money laundering.

V. International business transactions

The SCHWING Group as well as the international group of companies ensures compliance with the pertinent foreign trade and industry laws and regulations, in particular the fulfilment of all applicable requirements and legal provisions in the area of export control and customs law.

VI. Protection of property

We seek to ensure that the products, equipment and other assets of the SCHWING Group are used in a responsible manner. We ensure that the assets of SCHWING Group are used for the fulfilment of our duties and do not depend on private donations from third parties.

VII. Health and safety at work

At SCHWING Group, safe working environment is a top priority. We attach particular importance to workplace safety and ensure that the respective national regulations for occupational safety and health protection are implemented and adhered to.

VIII. Handling of confidential information and intellectual property

The SCHWING Group takes the legal regulations on data protection very seriously and complies with the provisions pertaining to the collection, storage, processing or transfer of personal data.

The intellectual property of the SCHWING Group and its business partners, in particular internal company data, processes and projects, is of paramount importance to us. We therefore protect our corporate and third-party business and trade secrets in whatever form they have been disclosed to us.

IX. Environmental protection

The SCHWING Group is committed to protecting the environment and ensuring that natural resources such as water, energy, materials and surfaces are used sparingly and responsibly. We ensure that our business activities are carried out in an environmentally sound manner and expect our suppliers and other business partners to do the same.

Herne, 1st May 2023

Dr.-Ing. Mehmet Varlik


Dawei Jiang