SCHWING stationary concrete pumps.

For decades, stationary concrete pumps from SCHWING has been used for demanding, significant and record-breaking construction projects worldwide. Even under difficult operating conditions, they offer performance, reliability and safety in the high and long-distance pumping of concrete. Nowadays, in addition to cost-effectiveness and productivity, which are achieved by our EcoClean cleaning concept and the optional SmartSwitch technology, state-of-the-art exhaust gas cleaning is also necessary. This can either be achieved by state-of-the-art diesel engines or emission-free electric motors - for example, for smart use in city centres.

TP 100
SP 500 D
SP 500 E
SP 750 D
SP 750 E
SP 1800 D
SP 1800 E
CP 1800 D
SP 2800 D
SP 2800 E
CP 2800 D
SP 3800 D
SP 3800 E
SP 7000 D
SP 7000 E
SP 7500 D
SP 7500 E
SP 9000 D
SP 9000 E
SP 9000 D Container
SP 9000 E Container
SP 9500 D
SP 9500 E
SP 9500 D Container
SP 9500 E Container