SCHWING hybrid - paving the way to a climate-friendly future together.

Faced with the global challenge of reducing the carbon footprint due to climate change, SCHWING has set itself the task of developing innovative approaches, new technologies and a fundamental expansion of drives to enable the transition to a low-carbon drive architecture.

The choice is yours. With the new SCHWING hybrid technology, concrete pumping is carried out electrically or, if required, with a proven Diesel drive. In electric mode, the concrete pump draws its power externally. You can choose between the 32 A, 63 A and 125 A connection types commonly used on construction sites. Optionally, a second connection can be used to combine electrical power up to a total output of 125 A.


– Concrete delivery with Diesel or electric drive
– External power connection: 32 A, 63 A, 125 A / second power connection optional
– High efficiency thanks to optimised drive architecture

The clean, efficient solution

The SCHWING hybrid concept clearly emphasises efficiency. This is achieved through a new drivetrain
architecture. The SCHWING hybrid concept achieves maximum pumping performance in electric mode.
The new hybrid pump train also further increases the familiar high efficiency in Diesel operation.

Optimised performance and connection variety

A completely new power management system increases efficiency and ensures optimum utilisation of
the available electrical connected load.

As an option, SCHWING offers the combination of two power connections, which can be freely combined for a power increase
of up to 125 A. The SCHWING software automatically determines the optimum parameters for the drive power of the
truck-mounted concrete pump for the selected combinations.