Poppet valve system (STVE)

The poppet valve system (STVE) developed by SCHWING is used for pumping fine-grained, pasty sludge with SCHWING sludge pumps. With the valve system, output rates of up to 230 m³/h and a continuous output pressure of up to 150 bar can be achieved. The poppet valves prevent by the safe separation of the pressure side of the suction side during the switching process, a return flow of the pumped material from the pipeline into the pump, thus ensuring a quiet and low-pulsing pump operation. The easy maintenance and the low maintenance effort guarantee low cost of ownership and high availability. The poppet valve system can be equipped with either a single (1D) or double pressure outlet (2D). With the double outlet (2D), a sludge pump can deliver the material to two different feed points discontinuously. The single pressure outlet (1D) allows a continuous pumping of the material to a feed point.

For pumping sludges with rough contaminations and large foreign bodies, the ROCK valve from SCHWING is the right valve system.

Two sludge pumps KSP 65 from SCHWING with poppet valve system for pumping sewage sludge in a sewage treatment plant

Poppet valve system (STVE)

Single pressure outlet (1D)

Double pressure outlet (2D)