Stetter mobile batching plant M 3.0 contributes to the expansion of Frankfurt Airport

The new mobile M 3.0 batching plant from Stetter is being used for the first time in the construction of the new Terminal 3 at Frankfurt Airport in Germany. The system was ready for operation in August 2019 having only required three days to assemble and since then has been supplying one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Europe with up to 135 m³ of fresh concrete per hour. Fraport AG is significantly expanding the capacities of Frankfurt Airport with the construction of the new Terminal 3. Once completed in 2023 Frankfurt Airport will be able to handle a further 21 million passenger arrivals and departures. Approximately 270,000 m³ concrete will be required to build the shell of the new terminal which is being constructed on the former US military base. Godel-Beton GmbH is using its new mobile Stetter M 3.0 batching plant for the first time. The new mobile M 3.0 batching plant from Godel-Beton is equipped with four binder silos on which snails, ladders and silo fitting parts are already pre-assembled. This simplified the transport and accelerated the assembly of the silos and the connection of the snail to the mixing tower. The silos are electrically and pneumatically connected to the batching plant via Plug & Play connectors, so that the cabling is completed within a very short time. The arrangement of the silos in relation to the batching plant can be designed extremely flexibly and enables optimum use of the available floor space. The in-line silos are also completely pre-assembled and ready for use in combination with the integrated mobile foundations and the hinged weigher belt. The M 3.0 installed in Frankfurt has 4 boxes in a standard, fully galvanised design each with a chamber volume of 45 m³. When the first passengers enter the modern building in 2023, the M 3.0 from Godel-Beton will already have moved on.