SCHWING Group with pioneering innovations at INTERMAT 2024

At INTERMAT24, construction machinery manufacturer SCHWING-Stetter will be presenting innovations that offer customers numerous benefits: Sustainability, efficiency, telematics and comfort. The electrification of real heavyweights such as the S 43 SX Hybrid truck-mounted concrete pump plays a key role here. 

SCHWING can be visited at EXT 6, A006 - 24.-27.04.2024 - Paris


S 43 SX hybrid - simple change: conventional or electric

Herne, April 2024. "The future is electric" is a frequently quoted statement about future mobility. But it's not just the CO2- footprint on the way to construction sites that will be relevant in future. There is also enormous scope for savings in machine operation itself, especially on inner-city construction sites - also in view of the expected legal framework conditions. SCHWING is demonstrating a hybrid solution for the electric operation of concrete placement using the popular S 43 SX truck-mounted concrete pump as an example. The SCHWING hybrid concept clearly focusses on efficiency.

Hybrid drive technologies - secured here by connection to the construction site power supply - offer a number of fundamental advantages: Flexibility, versatility, reduced pollutant emissions and lower operating costs with improved performance. A completely new drive architecture and a rethought vehicle body principle enable the integration of additional electric drive technology in the S 43 SX hybrid. The individual required outputs of the pumps are optimally matched to the current operating point of the concrete delivery rate via the speed of the associated electric motor. To avoid unnecessary drag losses, the large drive pump is disengaged in electric mode. This also allows the remaining drive pump to work in the optimum operating range.  Even in Diesel operation, the optimized pump train increases the well-known high efficiency. A new power management system and optimized speed control increase efficiency and ensure optimum use of the available electrical connected load.

Optimized performance and connection diversity.

SCHWING offers the option of combining two connected loads. This means that even low connected loads of 32 A, 63 A and up to a total of 125 A can be combined to increase performance. The easily accessible 40-metre cable drum can be used to start purely electrical operation directly on the construction site. This minimizes set-up times. Software automatically determines the optimum drive power for the truck-mounted concrete pump. The power distribution to the placing boom and the concrete pump can be individually adapted by the operator to the construction site requirements. Unnecessary power buffers are avoided. With the hybrid model, SCHWING is taking off with electric solutions.


Reach height                        42,30 m

Delivery rate max. 162 m³ / h

Delivery pressure                 max. 85 bar


S 36 X RaZor - flexible RZ folding and low space requirement

The new S 36 X RaZor truck-mounted concrete pump impresses with its five-part boom and flexible RZ folding. This enables it to achieve a particularly low unfolding height of less than 6.77 metres. The rear H-support enables a small footprint, while the wheelbase of just 4.20 m makes it highly manoeuvrable. Thanks to its consistently modern construction, the S 36 X RaZor also remains a lightweight. Other features of the truck-mounted concrete pump include a DN 125 pipe, the tried-and-tested standard pipe bends and the new VECTOR II control system.


Reach height                        35,20 m

Max. flow rate                      161 m³ / h

Delivery pressure                 max. 85 bar


SCHWING Telematics

Increasing machine availability, recording data, optimising consumption, detecting wear: the optional SCHWING Telematics solution from Trackunit enables efficient monitoring and management of construction machinery fleets for the first time and the accompanying optimisation of operating processes. The real-time monitoring of machine locations, performance data and maintenance requirements has both customer-friendly and sustainable benefits. The depth of data collection reduces costs, increases productivity and improves safety in the workplace. Fuel consumption is optimised, vehicle usage is analysed and the precise tracking of machines prevents vehicle theft. If necessary, tracked location data makes it easier to find the vehicle again.

Regularly collected telematics data provides information on wear and tear and maintenance requirements, enabling the timely planning of a cost-conscious and sustainable spare parts supply. SCHWING Telematics, which also works with existing alternative telematics systems at the customer's request, thus utilises the full potential of a networked fleet.


FBP 264 / FBP 294 - ultra flexible

The brand new FBP 264 and FPB 294 truck mixer concrete pumps set new standards. They achieve this with performance data such as the new 4-section boom, a nominal volume of 7 m3 and a delivery rate of up to 61 m³/h, as well as a usable volume of 4 m3 with a permissible total weight of 32 tonnes (Germany). The lower unfolding height with greater reach height and the optimised outrigger ranges of the available EASy and EASy Front outriggers guarantee more flexibility on narrow construction sites, with low storey heights and narrow building openings. The combination of features also enables concreting directly in front of the cab. The reduced frame overhang and the low slope angle at the rear ensure improved manoeuvrability. Thanks to an optimised arrangement of the hydraulics, the FBP now offers more space on the passenger side for carrying hoses. The new VECTOR II machine control system makes it easy to transfer the machine to its own drum, e.g. for residual concrete utilisation. A modern and intuitive user control system with optimised user interface rounds off the package.


Reach height                        25,40 - 28,10m

Delivery rate                         max. up to 61 m³ / h

Delivery pressure                 max. 71 bar

Nominal volume                   7 m³


DynaRig - simple, flexible and safe support

Confined spaces on construction sites - whether obstacles or road conditions - often do not allow the supports to be fully extended. The challenge: For an ideal pumping result with maximum safety, a truck-mounted concrete pump of any size category must be ideally positioned. The SCHWING solution is the new flexible DynaRig system (Dynamic OutRigger System). The system really comes into its own when space is at a premium on construction sites. Each of the four stabilisers can be extended as far as required. The new DynaRig system then automatically determines the maximum available horizontal reach of the mast.



A SCHWING S 51 SX truck-mounted concrete pump has a nominal horizontal reach of 45 metres. With DynaRig, the pump can also be used in the maximum lengths of 42, 39, 36 and 33 metres - while at the same time reducing the required support area.


Simplicity, flexibility, predictability and safety are the attributes that take concrete pumping to a whole new level. DynaRig is available as an option for the S 36 X RaZor, S 43 SX, S 47 SX, S 51 SX and S 56 SX models.



TP 100 - the mobile powerhouse

The compact TP 100 trailer pump is the mobile powerhouse for construction sites where screed, mortar, fine concrete or concrete with a grain size of up to 32 mm is pumped economically and reliably. With the P0615 pump battery and the XS-ROCK slide valve specially developed for the TP series, the TP 100 is available in versions with three diesel and two electric motors and impresses with its fast, water-saving cleaning, low wear and easy maintenance. This unique EcoClean process allows the entire pumped medium in the pipework to be installed during high-level pumping. This reduces material and disposal costs and increases the efficiency of material installation. All SCHWING pumps are ready for the EcoClean process ex works.


Delivery rate                         max. up to 22 m³ / h
Delivery pressure                 max. 85 bar

Motor power                         30 - 36 kW

Grain size                              max. 32 mm

Exhaust stage                       Stage III / Tier 3, Stage V / Tier 4f

Machine weight                    < 2,100 kg


Summary to be downloaded: https://schwing-stetter.com/de_de/media/pressemeldungen.html




Jens Heinrich
Head of Marketing International / Head of Training

Heerstr. 9-27, 44653 Herne