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Batcher training


  • Batchers of concrete batching plants
  • Dispatchers in concrete batching plants

Seminar content

  • Construction and function of the batching plant
  • Basics of control (components, operation)
  • Introduction to the control program (at the simulator if required)
  • Plant-specific program sections (setting data, calibration data, moisture consistency measurement)
  • Data backup, import and export of data, additional programs

Number of participants

max. 5

Seminar duration

2 days 09:00 am to 4:30 pm




2,150 € (for a maximum of 5 participants; please consider the additional 750 € for the accommodation and travel costs of the trainer when conducting the seminar at your location)


Seminar documentation, catering during the seminar (only at the seminar location Stetter GmbH)

Seminar location

The seminar takes place mainly at the site of the batching plant, but can also be held in the
factory (Stetter GmbH, Memmingen, Germany)


Building site clothing and safety boots required