The 25-year-old master locksmith Friedrich Wilhelm Schwing founds his craft business in Herne, in the heart of the Ruhrgebiet. His products are quickly finding buyers in the mining and road construction as well as in the construction industry.


First 2-cylinder concrete pump

In the early 1950s, when concrete was inexorably conquering construction sites all over the world and louder the call for continuous concrete production, SCHWING presented in 1957 the first ready-for series-production hydraulic oil 2-cylinder concrete pump. This design principle is adopted by almost all manufacturers and continues to be the global standard today.


First Stetter truck-mixer

In the Bavarian town of Memmingen, Stetter, which specialized in concrete mixing equipment early on, started the era of ready-mix concrete with the first truck-mixer. The drum has a nominal volume of only 3.5 m³. A larger drum is not allowed on biaxial chassis due to legislation in force at the time.


The first batching plants

At Stetter in Memmingen, starting in 1962, the first filling stations for the new truck-mixers are being built, significantly reducing their loading time. Only two years later, Stetter manufactures large concrete batching plants, which enable a significant increase in efficiency in concrete production.


First truck-mounted concrete pump

With the ABP 20, SCHWING launched the first truck-mounted concrete pump in 1965. Only two years later, the higher-powered version ABP 30 is also available with a placing boom.


Worldwide in use

In most European countries there is a lot of building activity. Thus, the new concrete pumps from SCHWING are in high demand, even from abroad.


First truck-mounted concrete pump with placing boom

In order to expand the area of application of the concrete pump and to accelerate the operational readiness, in 1967 the ABP 30 is being equipped for the first time with a placing boom that can be turned by 350 °. The pipeline is used as a supporting element in the grid construction.


Vertical batching plants from Stetter

The batching plants manufactured starting from 1964 find rapid spreading in Germany and Europe. At the end of the 1960s, the first vertical batching plants, also called tower plants, were developed and sold by Stetter.


First separate placing boom (SPB)

In order to be able to use the advantages of fast and safe concrete pouring with efficient piston pumps also for the construction of high-rise and large-area structures, SCHWING is developing a separate placing boom. It is connected via pipes to a concrete pump, thus enabling efficient concrete distribution even in projects where no truck-mounted concrete pump can be used.


High demand from international markets

Due to increasing demand from abroad, the share of SCHWING products that are being exported is increasing significantly.


First sludge pump

The product area "Industrial and Environmental Technology" is founded. It begins the series production of specially developed sludge pumps for industrial use, an area in which SCHWING is one of the leading specialists in the world market today.


Presentation of the first large boom pump

SCHWING presents the first large boom pump with a reach of at that time unbelievable 45 m. The built-in concrete pump and the attached placing boom are still mentioned separately in the sales documents.


Concrete recycling plants

Stetter is looking for an economic solution for the reuse of residual concrete coming back from the construction sites. In 1976, the first residual concrete recycling plant was launched.


Delivery of the 15,000. Construction machinery

The high demand from all over the world ensures full order books at SCHWING GmbH. In 1978, for example, the 15,000th construction machine, a truck-mounted concrete pump, can be handed over to a customer.


Successful generation change

After more than 45 years at the head of SCHWING, the founder Friedrich Wilhelm Schwing hands over the company management to his two sons Gerhard and Friedrich.


Takeover of Stetter GmbH

With the acquisition of Stetter GmbH in Memmingen, Bavaria, SCHWING GmbH becomes a systems supplier of machines and plants for the concrete industry. The two traditional manufacturers complement each other optimally. At Stetter, the production of truck-mounted concrete pumps will cease after the takeover by SCHWING GmbH.


Market launch of the ROCK concrete valve

The negative experiences from the practical tests (due to the design-related high degree of wear) with the S-tube also developed by SCHWING are the basis for the development of the low-wear ROCK valve. In order to minimize wear, the ROCK is designed in such a way that a concrete triangle builds up after each swiveling, at which the delivery flow can slide along with little wear. As a result, concrete does not hit steel at the most heavily loaded site, but concrete on concrete. Thanks to its intelligent design, the ROCK has a significantly longer service life than other concrete valves.

Death of the company founder

On May 25, 1992, the company founder Friedrich Wilhelm Schwing dies in his office at the company headquarters in Herne. Contrary to his doctor's advice, he had not gone home but had returned to work.



Market launch of the SX outriggers

The idea of a truck-mounted concrete pump with a bow-shaped outrigger is a revolution. Due to the lack of another telescopic element as with other manufacturers, the new SX outrigger is more stable and robust and ensures quiet pumping conditions.


Market launch of the VECTOR controller

With the introduction of the new VECTOR machine control system, SCHWING is revolutionizing the way in which a truck-mounted concrete pump is operated. For the first time, the control system of a truck-mounted concrete pump has a display that makes operation of the machine significantly easier and more comfortable. This link between the machinist and the machine translates the machinist's commands into actions.


XCMG becomes majority shareholder of SCHWING-Stetter

In 2012, XCMG, the largest Chinese construction machinery group, becomes majority shareholder of SCHWING-Stetter.


Market launch of the truck-mixer UltraEco

With the UltraEco, Stetter presents a weight-optimized truck-mixer body, which was specially developed for the new EURO 6 chassis and fully compensates for its additional weight. As a result, 8 m³ of concrete (at 2.35 t / m³) can continue to be transported safely and economically. The concept is a complete success: in 2015 alone, more than 500 units has been delivered.


5000th truck-mounted concrete pump of the S 32/34/36 X series

The 5000th truck-mounted concrete pump of the highly successful S 32/34/36 X series will be handed over to a customer at bauma 2016 in Munich.


Market launch of the S 38 SX Reptor

With the S 38 SX Reptor, SCHWING presents a particularly flexible truck-mounted concrete pump in the 30 m class. Because its Reptor boom combines exceptionally large opening angles with the intuitive roll-folding. Even demanding concreting tasks can be handled quickly and safely.


S 65 SXF

Truck-mounted concrete pump S 65 SXF with a horizontal reach of almost 60 m and a maximum output of more than 160 m³ per hour built on an six-axle MAN chassis.


Stetter presents the 111,000th truck mixer

Stetter has been building truck-mixers in Memmingen, Bavaria, for around 60 years, and for many years also at various company locations worldwide. India plays a special role here, where Stetter truck-mixers recently achieved a market share of over 80%. At bauma 2019, Stetter shows the 111,000th truck-mixer, an UltraEco, with a matching special paint finish.


Market launch of the
S 36 X DirectDrive

The DirectDrive developed by SCHWING engineers revolutionizes working with truck-mounted concrete pumps. Instead of a hydraulic cylinder, a hydraulic rotary motor is used in the boom joint to enable boom movements that previously seemed unthinkable. Thanks to its two DirectDrive motors, the S 36 X DirectDrive therefore achieves a level of maneuverability unrivalled by any other truck-mounted concrete pump in its class.